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Les contes de grinn

Vol.1 - La génèse

“Les contes de Grinn” is a series of tales illustrated by ten artists. Each one of them took ownership of their story and were able to bring their own vision, allowing us to showcase creations and themes rich and diverse. From adventure to tragedy, and romance to fable.

Author(s) : Antoine Rousselot, Arthur Lefièvre, Kristel Faure, Marie Duvoisin, Thomas Agnellet, Manon Leray, Camille Macary, Sara Nativel, Alexis Galichet, Claire Charvet, Julia Petrov, Thomas Tabbaza et Florent Chapelle.
Reelase Date : January 2017
Number of pages : 160
Language(s) : Français
Dimensions : 21 x 29,7cm

Made in France.